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Success Stories

Brooke Adams, Mindset & Manifestation Coach

"I signed my first retainer client today after our call today. I used a totally different approach, as you suggested. My second sign and second sales call this week. I have no words! Thank you!"

Marsha Flemmings, Leadership Coach & Growth Strategist

"Hi Ayo and Carol, just wanted to say thank you again for today! After our session, I booked quite a lot of sales calls for this and next week. It's for my 1-1 coaching, so things are moving in the right direction."

Nicole Tearing, MD

"Carol and Ayo helped me create my ad strategy and ran my FB ads for my launch. Not only did they get 140 leads for my webinar but they also helped me avoid being overwhelmed by Facebook and ad campaigns. I highly recommend them."


“It was such a beautiful experience of, I really felt held and supported. I felt like I was not alone on my entrepreneurial journey. I felt like I had a whole team to support me and they were really there to help me through my own intuitive desires of running my business and they brought their expertise and their ideas and their, motivational ways of being to the plate as well. They made sure that I was on track and that I was focused and forward thinking and I’m really glad that I got to work with them.

And I’m so happy to recommend them. Thank you so much, Carol & Ayo.”

– Claudia-Sam, Soul Connection Coach


“I want to make this quick testimonial for my friends from AC empire. When I met them, Ayo and Carol, I needed my business to grow. I run businesses on the beach with kayaks, doing kayaks excursions, and it’s a private beach. So I really needed to boost the clients, and they started giving me, you know, their tips and doing the work and the ads to grow the business.

I started invoicing 1000 euros daily for the whole summer of 2021. So thank you very much. Thanks to them. The profits I’ve, I’ve grown like 500%.”

Elias Martinez – Co-owner of Get Active Tossa


” Very taken care of they check my ads all throughout the week we meet weekly for a fuller discussion about what’s going on.  

And I know they’re making adjustments as they need to as they see things come up the fact that my ads are doing really well.

Thinking about working with Carol and Ayo? I’d definitely say absolutely go for it!”

– Lisa Hoffman, Copywriting and Graphic Design Consultant


Meet Riza Pelaez
Tripled her prices & immediately signed 2 new clients! Riza is an empowerment coach who helps women turn their mess into a message by stepping out of their victim mindset and becoming victors of their own.


Meet Claudia Degen
Successfully graduated graduated our FB Ads course and nailed her FB ads!


Meet Lucy Lucille Rogers
Lucy and her co founder Melissa & Linda help professional network marketers & direct sales entrepreneurs accelerate success in business by implementing powerful mindset techniques.


“I have been working with Ayo and Carol. Now for a few months, they really helped me, in the beginning, to start kicking off my business and then the things that I had no idea how to do marketing. I love working with them. They are really, obviously they know their job and they know what they’re doing, but they are really authentic.

And what I like the most is that part is because they really take the time to get to know you. And you’re, you don’t feel like you’re just another client because you feel like they take the time to really get to know you and what your needs are so they can support you in the best. So I love working with them, and I’m sure you will do.”

Liss Amdal -Mindset Coach, and Proctor Gallagher Institute Consultant



“If you need knowledge and you need to be action, laser-focused around your marketing and getting your clients in, then you need to talk to Ayo and Carol.

I really thought I knew what I was doing,but I didn’t know how to do it. And then I met, Ayo and Carol, and I got a two-pronged attack, and they really, really did show me the why.

And now I’m low laser-focused. I’ve got loads of clients coming in. Here’s a few of them. If you to meet, laser-focused surrounded by clients, living your best life, living with truths and you can too. So thanks, Carol and Ayo. Thanks a lot.” 

Liza-Jo Guyatt – NLP and Mindset Coach



“Carol really awesome about Facebook ads, but she’s great about working on a strategy. So if you are starting your ads and you’re like, and something happens, and it just doesn’t work, then you.

She works with you to find a strategy that will work for you and it’s not just about slapping some emails and then autoresponder. It’s really about a solid process. So it’s not just like here’s a graphic and here’s an ad. We’re going to work at this until it works well converts.

I really enjoyed working with her. So you just can’t go wrong when I’m hiring Carol to do your Facebook ads.”

Amy Prueter – bridges the gap between business owners and their team, tech, & systems.




“Working with Ayo and her team, let me tell you that the experience surpassed anything that I could have expected.

I promise you you will not find  someone that is going to work harder to make sure that you stand out.”

– Marsha Flemmings, Leadership Coach & Growth Strategist


“You were able to help me see that my marketing message could be made so simple, right.

By just figuring out who I wanted to talk to. And that was my biggest thing was narrowing down. To really hit home with the person that I wanted to work with and what my messaging was saying for them specifically. And I think that y’all did just an absolutely fabulous job at helping me do that. And I appreciate that so, so much, but I also wanted to say thank you for being an awesome friend.

You know, both of y’all were there for. Throughout this journey, not only as my mentors, but as my friends, and that meant more to me than anything else in this world. So I appreciate y’all very, very much.”

Brooke Adams, Mindset & Manifestation Coach


“Working with Ayo and Carol is nothing but pure joy. We are in a partnership together. If you sign up and work with AC Empire you’re going to have your socks knocked off with the service that they deliver. It’s outstanding.”

– Rhonda Petit, Sales and Business Coach

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“Thank you for your knowledge and everything that you ladies do to make sure that we succeed. I love your tenacity and you will to make sure that we all WIN.”

– Rasheeda Omolade-Sule, Marriage & Relationship Coach


Ayo ran a Facebook campaign for my yoga studio. She designed a stylish landing page that generated over 60 leads within a week. The cost per lead was very low so this made the ad very affordable. As a result we got 25% increase in our post reach withing that period and 235 new likes. It was great having someone who understands the mechanics behind online advertising and at the same time understands our needs as well.

– Candice Hugo, owner of a yoga studio


“I signed my first retainer client today after our call today. I used a totally different approach, as you suggested. My second sign and second sales call this week. I have no words! Thank you!”

– Magriet Potgieter, Best Selling Author, PR & Media Coaching

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