Free 5-day workshop
6-10 september 2021
12 PM EST | 9 AM PST | 10 AM MT TIME


We sold out organically 2 coaching groups of 20 people in less than 3 weeks without having a massive audience or complicated funnels and we keep on selling our programs, and services in our FB group every day following a simple launch process

*Bonus: You will also get 101 Ways to Get 101 New Clients Guide

Stop Chasing Clients and Start Growing and Monetising
Your Facebook Group with the most effective launch process

If you have ever wondered – how OTHERS make it, but you don’t…We have good news for you!

We will give you a full breakdown of how we sold out 2 launches one after another (after failing once) in 3 weeks. ONLY IN OUR FB GROUP.
No complicated funnels, no cold messages, none of that nonsense. Following our super simple launch process.

This Free 5-day workshop is for coaches, Consultants and online service providers who want to Attract More Dream Clients Using Their Facebook Groups & A Simple Launch System

Not to brag, but we have NEVER been in a situation where we have lacked clients. In fact, in the last few months, while the world has been going crazy (Remember 2020?), our business was growing stronger than ever to the point we actually could not take more agency clients! Without even running a single ad for ourselves.

We are here to share our blueprint with you. We are not just throwing random strategies at you, expecting that you will magically start seeing results.

First, we are going to teach you ONLY the strategies that worked for our clients. Second, we will do it WITH you in the span of 5 days for FREE!

Honestly, it is incredibly simple!

1. Grow your FB Group (We will show you how to do that)

2. Launch your programs in your FB using our 5-Day Launch Process (We will show you how to do that too)

What you'll learn:

Is this 5-Day Workshop For You?

👑 First and foremost, are you tired, stressed, or unsure where the next client is coming from?

👑 Your funnels are not generating consistent results? Or you don’t even have a funnel…

👑 You spend way too many hours on your desk working, posting, chatting, emailing, training to figure out how Facebook Algorithms works, and yet you still don’t have consistent financial security?

👑 Somehow you tricked yourself into believing working 16 hours a day is okay, no weekends are okay, and no holidays are OK too. You have glamorized the word “busy.”

👑 You have pivoted to creating a new program thinking that this will save you, so now what? Do you have a clear idea of how to sell it?

👑 Your business is no longer working for you because all you do is work for the business. It makes you think your 9-5 was not as bad as you thought…

👑 There is so much information out there that it is just confusing you. All you want to do is share your unique gifts with the world, but all you do is watch videos on YouTube on how to create landing pages, how to optimize your ads, or how to do all the tech stuff that drives you crazy!

👑 You have no extra budget for an agency to handle your marketing? So you do everything yourself, or even worse, hire a VA who doesn’t back you up with a solid strategy 

👑 You have been trying to sell your programs/services in your group, and it does not work… 

👑 You want to have consistent income and a repeatable strategy to use

👑 You want more time to do what you love. You enjoy working on your business, but sometimes you feel like you are just adding more hours.

👑 You want predictability and consistency in your business. Instead of hustling or worrying about where the next sale is coming from.

👑 You really want to focus on the more enjoyable parts of your business, such as coaching, recording videos, talking to people, helping, and less on all those techie stuff

👑 You don’t want to be alone in this journey and need a team, but you are not there yet.

If you answered YES to any of the questions or statements, this free 5-Day workshop is for you.

Meet your hostesses

Hello, we're Carol & Ayo!

We at AC Empire KNOW that any dream is possible!

Your business is a priority for us! And that’s why we encourage you to go big!

We are here to support you in every step of the way and turn into your business besties!

Because that is what we ARE!

Hi, we are Ayo and Carol (AC), business besties, and we know exactly how it feels like to run your business alone, unsupported, and overwhelmed. We know how hard the entrepreneurial life is behind the scenes.

Both of us have been hustling hard and shining bright before our paths crossed, and we can easily say that ever since we have each other’s backs running a business is fun!

We are here to virtually hold your hand and be there for you when no one else is. We are here to provide the support system that you require by understanding all your business needs.

We are here to share our blueprint with you and help you conquer the digital space.

But most of all, we pride ourselves on our passion to empower, support, and elevate business owners, just like us, not only by implementing our strategies but also by genuinely caring for their success.



6-10 SEPTEMBER 2021
12 PM EST | 9 AM PST | 10 AM MT TIME