with Ayo and Carol



Dream it. Plan it. Do it!

You know that you are meant for more so what’s holding you back?

Yes, you have been quite successful in your business, but we all know that the best business is a profitable one that generates cash flow predictably and consistently.

Everything about our mastermind is designed to help you build a profitable, manageable, full of integrity and fulfilment business.

We created every single module with the thought of YOU.

We know that your mission is to change the world while using your unique gifts, trying to make a lot of money without losing your sanity.

You are not on this planet to work on something that drains your energy (we’re talking about those clients from hell or that boss who drives you insane).

Ain’t nobody got the time for that…

You are so much more than that…

Your business has to light you up! It has to drive your passion, keep you driven and also it has to always remind you that you have a purpose.

Here is the thing…

We’re not saying that there is something wrong with you or that you are doing something wrong…in fact, you are probably doing way too

much which leaves you feeling as if your personal life is nonexistent anymore…

Do you sometimes have the feeling you want to scream for help?

How do we know?

After running 3 successful agencies that’s exactly how we felt…

We’re here to tell you that you don’t need the next shiny marketing gimmick…you need a strategic way to scale your business so you can reach more people and make more money WITHOUT causing more work upon yourself.

Here is what we will help you master in the span of 6 months:

How to get more clients and yet not be snowed under work – yes, it is possible!

A spa session in the middle of the day? A spontaneous trip to the beach 

without having to ask your boss if you can go on sick leave and then hide all your stories?

We do it all the time!

everyone wants to hit those numbers, and yet no one does the maths or 

create a working launching plan to support their dream income. We will help you with that

 too giving you rock-solid goals and financial plan to follow.

this is not just some course with videos that you can watch and not implement anything, 

this is a boot camp, an academy…a playground where you will plug and play in front of our eyes.

We will be your safety net.

build a rock-solid business that will not collapse because of a pandemic, lack of structure or an alien invasion..

(Anything is possible after 2020)…

expand your audience and reach more high-quality prospects

downloading all the free cheat sheets is NOT a step-by-step workflow and a system. We will take you behind the scenes of how we are managing an agency with over 21 clients, two mastermind groups of 10 people each and 5 team members.

No cheat sheets can help you do that. And yes, we are free on the weekends doing whatever the F

we want to do…

How to create a business that not only pays off the bills but also makes a difference. A business that inspires you motivates you and allows you to find your purpose every single day.

how to improve your coaching practice so that you can stand out and shine bright, attracting the people that you want to work with

you will master  your sales skills so that you are coming from a place of authenticity and abundance

with Ayo and Carol

Say “Bye-bye” to trying to build a successful online business all by yourself.

One of the main reasons why so many entrepreneurs do not end up crushing it is because they simply do not seek help. Now, we get that you are strong, independent, smart and sexy, but you cannot do all the heavy lifting by yourself.

Say NO to procrastination, overwhelm, self-sabotage, bullshitting around and wasting more precious time.

Stop guessing what your next move should be...

One day you are creating content for your personal account, the next day you are busy setting up a group, next thing you know you are writing an email sequence, then you see someone else is doing a challenge..oh wait, now you’re doing a challenge as well …Stop. Breathe. Focus. The shiny object syndrome is not only going to sabotage your entire business, but it will also leave you drained…and your business needs your best energy!

It’s time to reclaim your time freedom while building a business that allows you to make a change in the world while being fully supported by us! What we will teach you comes from a space of experience and strategy.

What else are you getting…

Yes, it is getting better…

One coaching call a week for 6 months

($25 000 Value)

Have you ever thought how amazing it will be to be sitting on the same table with other exceptional, driven and motivated experts who just like you, want to simply live their best life while sharing their gifts with the rest of the world creating a better space for all of us? That’s what you will get.

We will meet once a week sharing with you high-level strategy, we will brainstorm, we will help you solve your current problems, we will drink wine, oops meant to say coffee, we will drink coffee, cry, laugh and grow together.

Two private sessions

($2000 Value)

We get it, sometimes we just need to sit and have a very open talk with someone who understands what we are going through. In our coaching career, we discovered that our clients love having those SOS private sessions with us to get them back on the right track, to remind them why are they doing all this, or to simply celebrate their massive wins.

Also what works for some might not work for you, and that’s okay. Here’s why having private sessions is a must.

Mastermind Facebook Private Group & Messenger Group Chat

($6000 Value)

Let’s be real…you will have many questions coming up at awkward times…Some of us actually prefer working either super early in the morning or late in the evening. What happens then? You can share your thoughts, questions and interact with others who might be awake at the same time.

Our signature course 0 to Pro Get Clients Now

($997 Value)

When we say that we will support you in every single area of your marketing and sales journey – we mean it.

We are also giving you over 50 videos with additional training of how to improve your copywriting and messaging, how to create the irresistible offer, how to run FB, Instagram, Google and YouTube ads, how to improve your mindset and selling skills and MORE!

We will also give you templates for every single thing that you can think of – social media posts, emails, sales scripts, story prompts, webinar templates and more…Honestly…you name something, we have a template for it.

Access to Asana workflow and pipeline templates

($ 5000 Value)

These will save your life…Trust us…you are not that busy or lost…you are just not well organised, and that can easily change!

We will take you behind the science of how we set up all workflows, SOPs and pipeline systems for our clients and for our agency as well.

Total Value: $38,997

Your investment? $20,000

$5000 until 31 January 2021

($8000 from 1 February 2021)

This mastermind is 6 months of breakthroughs, support and transformation!

You will see that not only your business will go through a dramatic shift, but so will you!

This mastermind is ideal for you if you have already started running your business and you are already generating income

This is for you if you are coachable, ready to implement the strategies that will give you and opened to growth. This is not for you if you do your own thang…bye Felicia

You believe that you can hit those 5-6-7 figures and you are fully committed to it

You would rather invest in yourself and take the time to learn how to improve your business than simply hustle every day trying any new strategies that come your way

The mastermind starts on 1 Feb 2021!

This would be such a strong start of a year full of fulfilment, clarity, direction, money, confidence and naps…

yes, naps, we all need more naps so we can be the best we could be in our business.