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We love this generation of women.
Tolerating less. Expecting more.
Independent. Outspoken.
Well paid. Confident.

To all the ladies who aspire to be a woman who wakes up and loves what she does for a living.
Travels often. Spiritually secured. Financially stable! The type of a woman building a legacy, wealth, her economy & her peace of mind!

This online retreat is a celebration of YOU!
29 July 2021
10 am EST to 1 pm EST

You are born to be an Empress, running your Empire. Wild. Untamed.

Don’t dim your light. Don’t lower your voice. Don’t dumb yourself down. Don’t downgrade your dreams.

Are you ready to have it all?
Are you ready to receive the money, the clients, the success, the peace of mind, the opulent life, the dream business, those little things in life that make your heart jump?
We, as women, shouldn’t have to push, chase, worry or stress…
You have the power within you to lead with confidence, create with magic and attract anything that you possibly want.
What are you claiming to receive now?

The money, the clients, the success, the peace of mind,
the opulent life...

Or do you instead keep on removing diamonds off your crown because you feel it is too heavy?

Don’t be scared. Your crown can be as big as you want it to be.

Because you are POWERFUL!

You have been deceived and lied to that you are not significant enough.

You have been told you are not invincible.

You are a creator!

You don’t have to feel like you are constantly pushing, begging, demanding, forcing your career, relationships, health, happiness, and wealth.

You are a magical force that attracts and magnetize with EASE.

our dreams are much greater than our fears

But something is holding you back.

And you feel it. You feel a void, or you feel some heaviness.

You feel tired. You fear failure.

And maybe you are losing hope

My beautiful, remember the life that you want is on the other side of fear…

These two days will transform your life and your business from the inside out.

Surround yourself with women who in a room full of opportunities; they mention your name!

Learn how to generate the incredible force within so that you create with passion, purpose and ease. A thriving business. A limitless Life!

We've designed this retreat so that we can give you a holistic solution.

Most coaches out there are all smokes and mirrors.

They feed you small pieces of information so that you can keep on buying and buying.

We're so over this!

We want to give you a holistic solution that heals every piece of your business and your life.

These principles are so powerful that they literary govern every aspect of your reality.
You will no longer have to chase. You will embody the energy of confidence, that magical power that you have within.
All this intertwined with strategy and a little bit of tech...okay, okay...that's the nerd speaking in us.

Without any further delay, we present this ultimate experience to you as a reminder of your unique Empress power!

Are you ready? We are about to blow your mind!

Mastering Energy and Emotions


You will learn everything you need to know about feminine/masculine energy and how it controls your life and business.

We are all working with feminine and masculine energy all the time; often, there is a lack of balance that manifests in reoccurring patterns and results that you don’t want to attract.

If you feel like you are constantly pushing, you lack abundance, joy, fun; somehow, everything is challenging; you have to work hard, go out there!

It sounds like you are working from a space of masculine energy all the time. Please don’t get us wrong. You need masculine energy, but it attracts certain things in your life.

As women, we have been forced to forget how to use our feminine energy simply because it is incredibly powerful!

We will remind you, and it will feel like coming back home.

We will show you how to harness your energy, cultivate your vibrations so that you become MAGNETIC and truly IRRESISTABLE.

We will show you how to unleash that feminine energy in you and unlock an infinite source of magic.

Oh, honey, if only you knew you are truly made of stardust.

Unleash the inner Empress

Many women (and maybe you!) are leaking or losing most of their power every day. How?

By feeling anxious, powerless by overthinking, not trusting the universe enough, self-doubt and self-sabotage, settling for less and feeling deeply alone!

When you unleash that inner Empress, a ruler, a warrior, a true conquer in you!

You call upon real feminine confidence, stunning charisma; you emit no BS attitude; you attract countless money solutions that work, accurate intuitive guidance, an abundance of income, orgasms and pure joy.

Everything starts to flow—no more power loss.

Sink into this deep feminine wisdom. Run your business from a space of potent royal power.

This retreat is a reconnection to the overlooked, understated, and essential feminine mystique: the sacred, and charismatic feminine force that resides in you, most often misunderstood and neglected.

slay your business like a boss

We confess this might get a bit nerdy, and anybody who wants a solid system that makes their OCD feel like home…this is for you.

5-Figure Scale Plan + Calculator: How to REALLY set tangible goals and hit them

Everyone wants to hit those numbers, yet few do the math or create a working launching plan to support their dream income. 

We will help you to create a plan, giving you rock-solid goals and financial security.

Creating 5-figure funnels

We will help you crack the science behind a funnel-friendly offer creation.

We've helped our clients refine their offers and charge x10 more.

We will show you how to design high-converting funnels that put your programs and courses on autopilot.

There is no greater feeling than waking up and seeing PayPal and Stipe's notifications of purchases made while you sleep!

Leverage and scale with workflow systems

It's time to get more clients but not be crushed by a mountain of work – yes, it is possible! A spa session in the middle of the day?

A spontaneous trip to the beach without having to ask your boss if you can go on a sick leave & then have to hide all your IG stories?

We do it all the time because we have a workflow system and pipelines.

Build a rock-solid business that will not collapse because of a pandemic, lack of structure or an alien invasion(Anything is possible after 2020!)

We will show you our workflow systems and pipeline systems on Asana (You can thank us later, these bad boys are game-changers)

Money Practice; Magnitize yourself practice; Magical Morning routine;
Cashflow projection sheet + massive surprise


$ 97
  • Only available for the first 10 sign-ups


$ 197 Normal Price
  • Price going up after 29 of April 2021


Meet Riza Pelaez
Tripled her prices & immediately signed 2 new clients!

Meet Brooke Adams
Signed 1 new high ticket client!

More awesome wins

Meet Lucy Lucille Rogers

Lucy and her co founder Melissa & Linda help professional network marketers & direct sales entrepreneurs accelerate success in business by implementing powerful mindset techniques.

Meet Marsha Flemmings

Marsha is a Leadership and Legacy Coach who helps female professionals who are stuck in their career improve their impact, make their value more visible and develop leadership. Here is what she says about working with us:

We are Ayo & Carol,

the founders of AC Empire, business and life besties!

Your business is a priority for us! And that’s why we encourage you to go big! We are here to support you in every step of the way and turn into your business besties too.⁣

Both of us have been hustling hard and shining bright before our paths crossed, and we can easily say that ever since we have each other’s backs running a business is FUN!⁣

We are here to virtually hold your hand and be there for you when no one else is. We are here to provide the support system that you require by understanding all your business needs.⁣